1969-2019: 50 YEARS OF LA SPAZIALE1969-2019: 50 YEARS OF LA SPAZIALE1969-2019: 50 YEARS OF LA SPAZIALE
1969-2019: 50 YEARS OF LA SPAZIALE
50 years of La Spaziale between history and innovation
50 years of activity, an important goal, the result of work carried out with perseverance, passion and without ever compromising on quality; a goal made possible by bringing together tradition and innovation and a high standard of the products and services provided.

If we look back at the history of La Spaziale, we see a path full of success, a sign of the continuous commitment put into product development to offer users and others, skills and resources in favor of Italian espresso coffee. But the company looks ahead as it has always done, in a path of continuous improvement, respect for the "made in Italy". Taking the new challenges of the reference market.

In the days of the HOST fair, thanks to an high-impact installation, La Spaziale presented its new industrial jewel, the S50, to the world of coffee.

At the fair, La Spaziale will be accompanied by a splendid gala dinner party, the real occasion to celebrate the company; Wednesday evening, October 23rd, the launch and the company party will move from Milan in the frame of Palazzo Re Enzo in the center of Bologna, home of the company that, for the occasion will be covered with new lights, colors and sounds giving life to an evocative and elegant setting full of atmosphere.

A heartfelt thanks to all those who have contributed to the development and success to which the company has come today and which represents only a stage in a journey that will continue in the future with equal commitment and dedication.