We are finally back in-person attendance at Sigep 2022 to support the ice cream, confectionery and bakery industry which represents the excellence of Made in Italy in the world.

The complete range of our coffee machines will be displayed at our Stand 001 Pav. A1 and operating at the stands of some major Italian coffee roasters and in the area dedicated to Pastry Events, both in the Pastry Arena and in the Vip Area as Event Sponsor

After the great success at Host last October, the protagonists at SIGEP 2022 will be the new S21 and S11 and our extraordinary top of the range S50 that is a perfect mix of aesthetics and innovation, revolutionary design and latest generation technology that has been conquering both the Italian and international market with great success in these two years.

The new S21, in particular, is surrounded by an atmosphere of great expectation as it is just about to enter officially into production: SIGEP will be a great opportunity to admire its dynamic and elegant aesthetics.

What is mostly impressive is its refined and modern lines in the white and black versions, enriched, by the option of illuminating the valve rings and the groups and thus matching with the lights and style of the most modern locations.

This new series is in fact the perfect mix between the tradition of the Company in the design of functional and reliable coffee machines and the desire to renew the image with a refined and modern look, but always with the aim of ensuring high quality in the cup.

Our S11 has also established itself in the Home & Small Business segment, which is growing rapidly due to the events that have involved the world in the last 2 years and the consequent change in consumer habits. At our stand it is possible to see closely, the 1-group version MINI BRIO and the 2-group version, MELODIA.

Featured by a modern, refined and elegant design, the S11 is enriched by innovative technical functions and is a fully professional coffee machine.

It is completely modular: the coffee group and the steam and hot water boiler can be individually activated and deactivated, ensuring high energy efficiency in case of partial use. In addition, the ECO MODE function allows the user to reduce the maximum absorption of the machine by forcing the boiler and coffee group heating elements to alternate their operation.

The S11 is equipped with a large stainless-steel boiler entirely dedicated to the production of hot water and steam managed by an electronic pressure sensor; all this ensures maximum reactivity to maintain full operation even in case of intense work peaks.

An automatic milk adjustable system of the latest generation, MAT 3.0, is available as an option, replacing the traditional manual steam wand. With the new MAT 3.0, the air and the temperature of the milk can be set and electronically adjusted, achieving the utmost accuracy.

The machine is also equipped with an upper heated cup tray for cups and a practical inner tank (5 liters for Melodia, 3 liters for Mini Brio) with water refill from above, which is also prearranged for direct connection to water mains.

Electronic control of the group temperature with PID system allows you to set with extreme accuracy the coffee extraction temperature, and this lets all coffee lovers enjoy the true experience of Italian espresso, just like in a café.

The novelties signed by LA SPAZIALE also include the MAC series: a new customized line of coffee grinders. Robust, technological and efficient, MAC are available in manual, automatic and ON DEMAND versions. In particular, MAC GT ON DEMAND: with its “greedy” blades ensures greater productivity for high coffee consumption.

The MAC series also introduces two innovative and important functions: PCM and CPA. With the PCM system (Cleaning Grinding Chamber) the maintenance operations will be simplified and speeded up because the grinding chamber can be easily removed, flipping up two side clips, not modifying the grinding point.

With the CPA function (Automatic Dose Control), instead, the quantity of each coffee dose remains constant through an integrated and automatic weighing system of the coffee grinder, preventing waste and always offering a perfect cup.

In addition to these important novelties, LA SPAZIALE presents also AUSILIO, the new electric portafilter cleaner. Available in internal or external version, this device simplifies the work of the barista who, in a few seconds, can automatically and silently clean the filters thanks to a rotating brush. The brush, through a sensor, is autonomously activated by the simple contact with the portafilter.

All the new products embody the pursuit of quality, reliability and innovation that have always characterized LA SPAZIALE, with the main objective of always obtaining a perfect espresso