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Rua Rodrigues Pais, 135 / 141
04717 020
Chacara Santo Antonio
Sao Paulo Brasile
tel +55 11 51815043
fax +55 11 51812787
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In the first part of the Nineties La Spaziale laid the basis for its development in Brazil , the worldwide leader country for coffee production. Here the company was relying upon the cooperation of important coffee equipment distributors in San Paulo and Rio de Janeiro and thanks to them , it was able to promote and spread La Spaziale brand in the whole territory. In 2009, thanks to the great success and to the commercial agreements with important coffee shop and outlet chains , La Spaziale created a company with the purpose to extend such successful commercial activity also on the markets of other South American countries. La Spaziale Brasile & America Latina is now run by Monica Leonardi, who thanks to the capacity acquired in one of the most well known Brazilian coffee roasters , takes care of the sale and distribution of La Spaziale espresso coffee machines to roasters, coffee shop chains and equipment dealers. Since the very beginning La Spaziale was distinguishing itself for the production of espresso coffee machines of high quality and technical innovation until becoming a real market leader. At the same time the local distributors have contributed to the training of highly qualified personnel , a very peculiar feature which is appreciated by roasters and which is essential to spread a real espresso coffee culture. With such purpose La Spaziale has started the cooperation with ABIC, Brazilian Coffee Industry Association , which is gathering coffee producers and roasters in Brazil and with whom it has developed “the espresso know how” also through various publications. La Spaziale has therefore brought all together not only the technical competence relating to the use of professional espresso coffee machines , but also the italian experience of espresso coffee market, from the most popular methods to the most well known consumptions, thus creating a practical guide for the operators in the territory.