The preview at TuttoFood exhibition back in May has recorded its success. Since then, the interest for La Spaziale S40 Suprema has been immediate turning into a high demand and several orders even before the launch on the market. The new proposal, within the range of professional espresso coffee machines, entered into production in July and since then the company keeps recording inquiries from roasters and baristas. And the proof for this is that at, Host 2015, S40 Suprema was installed by the stands of more than 15 companies in the industry.

The participation at Host fell within the first quarter of life of S40 Suprema, which looks really impressive and satisfactory for the company which finally focuses on “top range for everyone”. This is the slogan chosen to present it to a wide audience of coffee professionals. S40 Suprema thus combines the charming design of the top range with the practicality and functionality wanted by roasters, baristas and technicians.

We have planned to develop a more accessible product and easier to handle, but maintaining the aesthetics of the S40 Seletron, recognized as the best solution proposed by the company. The technical features and the immediate programming grant an accurate control of coffee extraction for an optimal and consistent result in the cup, while making the performance of the S40 Suprema quite advantageous for the work of baristas and technicians.

The new machine – available from 2 to 4 groups, also in take away version- is equipped with an electronic sensor for a sensitive and accurate extraction temperature, of ITC function (Individual Temperature Control) which allows the independent temperature control for each delivery group, of EGS system (Electronic Coffee Grounds System) which keeps coffee grounds humid inside the porta filter and of a cup warmer which grants the uniformity of cup temperature. Furthermore, with S40 Suprema the barista does have the possibility to check any time the operating temperature on the main display and each single extraction on a display for each group. The fine and sensitive adjustment of the operating temperature of the machines is essential while aiming to offer and optimal and consistent result in the cup, with any coffee blend used.

The steam wand is cool touch in stainless steel and it is one of the most appreciated aspects by the operators. Such latest generation technology thus grants solidity, simplicity of use and utmost safety for the barista: The ergonomic cool touch system thus ensures the thermal insulation of the steam wands, avoiding any burn risk both during milk steaming and during cleaning procedures. All espresso coffee machines La Spaziale S40 Suprema e S40 Seletron, installed and displayed at Host, are equipped with this technology of steam wands.

The work with La Spaziale S40 Suprema is supported also by other valuable technical features such as the coffee counter function, the prearrangement of GA (service scheduled maintenance program by mean of an external display), which is essential to remind the barista when to perform standard maintenance operations and preset hot water delivery for tea and infusions with adjustable temperature.

All the features of the new
S40 Suprema
  • Electronic coffee machine with automatic dose setting
  • Electronic boiler temperature control.
  • Boiler temperature visualization on led display.
  • Visualization of extraction time on led display for each group.
  • Individual temperature control for each delivery group (ITC).
  • EGS Function (Electronic Coffee Ground System).
  • Automatic temperature boost function (UP).
  • Visualization and control system of water level in the boiler.
  • Preset hot water delivery for infusions with adjustable temperature.
  • Group led lights .
  • Total coffee counters .
  • Electric cup warmer with temperature control.

  • MAT Automatic system for milk emulsion with adjustable temperature.
  • Soft touch varnishing.