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Before others, La Spaziale has addressed the attention to single portioned coffee (pods and capsules) considering the strong attraction that this market has for outdoor consumption. For this reason all the espresso coffee machines of the range can be adapted to single portioned coffee. With the simple replacement of portafilter and of group block and showers, any La Spaziale can deliver coffee with pods and capsules.

Now the Bolognaise company is working on an even more advanced and modern prototype basing on current market demands, making reference in particular to foreign market and to low consumption clients of industry (pizzerie, hotels , pastry shops etc).

The S15 innovating prototype, presented exclusively at La Spaziale stand at Host, is the result of the study of a highly flexible system of utmost efficiency.

The new proposal falls within the range of compact machines which nevertheless suit the bar, caffetteria and restaurant application, allowing the delivery of more cups simultaneously and a truly professional use. The new concept allows the compatibility with various capsule formats and a direct capsule ejection after delivery, as alternative to the use of the standard portafilter.