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Rimini Fiera, January 20th-24th January 2018
Let’s meet at La Spaziale stand to have a closer look at the new machines S8 and S9 DSP and the telemetry system Spazio_net.

La Spaziale will take part to 39° edition of Sigep (Rimini, January 20th-24th 2018) to support the excellence of made in Italy in those areas traditionally more related to espresso, such as the craftmanship of ice cream, pastry, confectionery and bakery. Our coffee machines will be present not only at our Stand 001 in Hall A1, but also at the stands of the major Italian coffee roasters and in the area dedicated to Pastry Events, the high pastry competitions that we will support this year as Silver Sponsor.

After the great success at Host last October, the protagonist at SIGEP 2018 will be the new S8-S9 DSP, coming out as the result of the technological upgrade of the previous model, updated with the restyling of the two, three, four group versions. In the new S8-S9 DSP we have added lateral trims with RGB lights which change color basing on the machine status and we have introduced LED lights to illuminate the coffee preparation area, focusing the attention on coffee preparation while at the same time avoiding a false chromatic perception of coffee in the cup. As confirmation of the modernization of the look, we have redesigned the lines of the back and lateral cup guards to increase the capacity of the upper cup tray and the coffee dose touch buttons on the front panel of the machine. The previous temperature led bargraph has been replaced by a display which allows the immediate visualization of the operating parameters of the machine and a better interaction with the user through a series of symbols corresponding to the various functions activated.

As for the technological upgrade, the greatest new feature is the introduction of Eco function, which comes out as result of the need to reduce the energy consumption of the machine. Pushing the Eco button, the barista will be able to bring the machine to an Economy saving status, thus reducing energy consumption of about 15%. This new feature will be added to pre-set hot water delivery function with the possibility to add as optional the temperature regulation for tea and infusions, known abroad with the term “Economizer”. This feature allows to mix hot water coming from the boiler with cold water coming from water mains to obtain the correct temperature for the preparation of tea and infusions thus contributing to a significant energy save. The new S8-S9 DSP is also equipped with an electronic temperature sensor of latest generation so as to grant the utmost and most accurate temperature control and consistency of the machine.

Together with the new S8-S9 DSP, at the stand of La Spaziale we will be exhibiting also two S15 with automatic capsule ejection and two S15 BASIC with manual capsule ejection by lever, rearranged with the most popular capsule formats that the company is developing, following all needs and inquiries of a constantly growing capsule market.

The introduction of the function Spazio_net

Another very innovating system we have recently introduced on our series S5 and S8-S9 DSP in two, three, four group version is the telemetry system which allows to geolocalize La Spaziale coffee machines and to remotely control parameters, functions, settings and possible malfunctions. This is possible thanks to a router inside the machine which will capture the data and will send them to a web platform to whom the roaster, technical service and La Spaziale will have access through their own credentials. In this way they will be able to analyze the data basing on their specific requirements and directly import the machine parameters to handle and better control their performances.

Thanks to Spazio_net the roasters will be able to constantly monitor the status of their machines, counting even the precise number of coffee extractions delivered every day so as to plan and program stock and coffee deliveries. Furthermore they will be able to make sure deliveries are correct to promptly act on the quality of the product delivered. They will then be constantly informed on possible malfunctions and in case of any damage, they will be able to plan maintenance service more efficiently. In case, for example, they should be notified a problem with an incorrect coffee delivery, they will be able to solve it by remotely modifying the parameters of the machine, even before calling technical service.

As for technical service, technicians will be able to receive an immediate feedback on the machine status (possible alarms or malfunctions) so as to be able to promptly arrange for service or scheduled maintenance, thus granting utmost efficiency and profitability. The owners of coffee locations or coffee chains will have the opportunity to analyze consumption data, work load and operation time of the equipment, making an analysis of productivity and profitability of their own business.

La Spaziale as Silver Sponsor dei Pastry Events

Always looking for new talents, the Rimini exhibition is attracting the best pastry artists coming from all over the world and ready to compete within Pastry Events: also La Spaziale is taking part to the competitions as Silver Sponsor of the events dedicated to the Sweet masters, providing the contestants with its own S1 Armonia coffee machines and the Top Istantaneo grinders for the twelve competition stations and one S40 Suprema 2 group red in the Vip Area of the Pastry Arena.

On January 20th the under-22 young contestants of Italian Juniores Pastry and Chocolate Championship will compete on the topic “Stars and legends” that they will have to represent with an artistic creation made of sugar or chocolate, combining the evolution of bignè (cream puff) and the creation of a single portion tiramisù. During the same day, there will be also The Italian Seniores Pastry Championship going on until Sunday 21st. And finally, here is again the biennal edition of The Pastry Queen, The World Feminine Pastry Championship. The competition theme this year will be astrology and the best pastry women will have to prove their creative ability preparing a dessert made of sugar or sugar craft decorations, according to the products required, and more in detail a dessert made of coffee ice cream in the glass prepared using La Spaziale equipment.

Press Release
Barbara Todisco