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Fiera Milano, May 3th – 6th 2015
Pad. 14, Hall 14, Stand F19 - F21
La Spaziale is launching S40 Suprema, the new professional espresso coffee machine which combines the design of the top range with the practicality sought by baristas, roasters and technicians. Preview at TuttoFood 2015.

S40 Suprema has been thought for coffee professionals who aim to work with an attractive, functional and reliable machine. The results, developed by La Spaziale technicians, is a product that still maintains the aesthetics and the impressive design of S40 Seletron, which is now recognized as the best possible solution of the company, but it is more accessible and easier to manage. The technical features and the simple programming grant top quality in the cup while making the performance of the S40 Suprema quite advantageous for the work of baristas and technicians.

La Spaziale is presenting this novelty at TuttoFood, the upcoming exhibition in Milano dedicated to excellence food industry, addressing an even wider audience. S40 Suprema is thus a perfect compromise between the full optional of S40 Seletron and the solidity of the well-established S8 and S9, and with respect to S8-S9 it certainly offers higher features and outfit. The new machine – available from 2 to 4 groups, also in take away version - boasts EGS (Electronic Coffee Grounds System), which keeps coffee grounds inside the portafilter humid, the coffee counters, an electric cup warmer which grants the uniformity of cup temperature, the prearrangement for GA (service scheduled control system by means of an external display) which is useful to remind the barista when to perform standard maintenance operations and the ITC function (Individual Temperature Control), that is to say the independent temperature control for each delivery group. The fine and sensitive adjustment of the operating temperature of the machines is essential while aiming to offer an optimal and consistent result in the cup, with any coffee blend used. Furthermore, with S40 Suprema the barista does have the possibility to control at any time the operating temperature on the main display and each single extraction on a display for each group.

TuttoFood visitors will be able to discover the potential of the professional coffee machine S40 Suprema at La Spaziale stand – hall 14, stand F19/F21 - and taste an optimal Italian espresso cup.

All the features of the new S40 Suprema

  • Electronic coffee machine with automatic dose setting.
  • Electronic boiler temperature control.
  • Boiler temperature visualization on led display.
  • Visualization of extraction time on led display for each group.
  • Individual temperature control for each delivery group (ITC).
  • EGS Function (Electronic Coffee Grounds System).
  • Operating temperature temporary boost function (UP function).
  • Visualization and control system of water level in the boiler.
  • Preset hot water delivery for infusions with adjustable temperature.
  • Led lights for drip tray grid.
  • Total coffee counter function.
  • Electric cup warmer with consistent temperature control.

  • MAT Automatic system for milk emulsion with adjustable temperature.
  • Soft touch varnishing.